What You Need To Know About Sankofa

All of our products come from organic farming. They are grown in an ecologically controlled manner and are not genetically modified. On the SANKOFA UG plantations there is no use of synthetic chemicals Plant protection products, artificial fertilizers or sewage sludge grown. The products are not ionized and contain no food additives like conventional foods. Our products are harvested and processed by hand and they are no additives used for drying or processing.


For us, sustainability means future viability, maintaining balance and acting responsibly. We mean humility, mindfulness and also “suitability for grandchildren”. So just “do the right thing”. For Sankofa, sustainability means: permanent, reasonable, preserving, conservation, environmentally friendly. With our philosophy we not only ensure the quality of our products, but also ensure the safe future of our employees in Ghana and here in Germany.


Sankofa Moringa stands for pure products not only in terms of product quality. All SANKOFA UG products come from our own plantation in Ghana. All products are produced and sold by us. This is the only way to avoid long sales channels and opacity. We understand the trust of our customers and can guarantee top quality and the necessary transparency. That is why we test and try out every product that we offer for you. Because your well-being is our satisfaction.

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