What does SANKOFA actually mean?   SANKOFA is an old, Ghanaian philosophy. It means something from the old learning for one better future or “back to the roots”.

Through our civilized and progressive way of life we have forgotten many old wisdoms and traditions. We can learn from our past and take what we have learned into our future. Sankofa Moringa, pure and pure products from Africa that are free of any chemicals and have been for Centuries used by the local population.

If you have questions, want certain African goods, want to buy in bulk or need more information about our products, Contact us. Phyllis Henrichs and the Sankofa team are at your disposal and will help you with advice and action.  Our acreage in Ghana We can now observe in Ghana how the population is gradually using and growing the plant is cleared up.

Today, we also farm together with our local partners small piece of land near Accra, the capital of Ghana. From the seeds and leaves of the We make Moringa oleifera powder. We grow the tree here according to biological principles.

Among other things, this means that we do not use pesticides and artificial fertilizers. We also know all employees personally. We invest part of the proceeds in the education of local children. We organize cultivation, production and sales according to our guiding principle: natural, sustainable and understandable


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